Ladies of Harley

There was a time when a woman riding a motorcycle was looked at with scorn. Thankfully, those days are long gone - thanks, in large part, to the many women who ride their own Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. We celebrate those women with the Ladies of Harley® (LOH) - and encourage them to share their stories with the Ocean State Ladies of Harley® (LOH) members.

Membership to LOH is free to all active HOG members, but you must register for LOH by calling 1-800-CLUB HOG. Shortly after calling you will receive the beloved LOH patch and pin. We want to encourage all the ladies to join us. Your ideas and thoughts will make the difference.

Ladies of Harley (LOH) meetings are held at the Warwick Store the 4th Thursday of the month at 6:30 P.M. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come join us.

The list of reasons why women decide to ride Harley-Davidson® motorcycles is as long as the open road itself. Here are some common reasons why women decide to climb into the saddle.

There aren't many options left for the person seeking pure, unadulterated adventure. Luckily, the excitement-hungry can still climb on a Harley-Davidson® and ride off into the sunset, finding the exhilaration they crave, and discovering new sights and experiences on the open road.

No other motorcycle company has helped forge as many relationships as Harley-Davidson. All over the world, Harley riders can find a sense of community and companionship with other riders. Organizations like Harley Owners Group® seek to get riders together to share their experiences on the road. Some of them even end up meeting that special someone, finding a common passion in the excitement of riding.

There's nothing like the feeling of climbing atop a rumbling Harley-Davidson and temporarily leaving your responsibilities behind in the dust. When you're on the road, you answer only to yourself. How you spend your time is up to you.

Ladies Of Harley

Ladies of Harley
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